Autobody Frequently Asked Questions

Do you warranty the repairs to my vehicle?
Kay Parks Autobody provides a lifetime warranty of workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. Should an issue arise, please contact us immediately.
How long will the repairs to my vehicle take?
When you bring your vehicle in, our estimator will give you a rough estimate of how long the work should take.This may change depending on parts availability and/or if there is further structural damage that we can’t identify during our  initial inspection. We will however keep in touch with you throughout  the repair process to keep you informed of our timeline.
Can you match the color of my vehicle accurately?
Our experienced technicians are trained to use a paint color matching system produced by DuPont to expertly match the color of your vehicle.
Can I choose Kay Parks Autobody to fix my car, or do I have to use my insurance company’s preferred shop?
You do have a choice. The Washington State Insurance Commission provides consumer rights that allow you to choose which repair shop you want to use. For more information on this, Click Here
How do I get an insurance claim number?
Contact your insurance company and report your accident. They will issue you a claim number and then bring that number with you when you arrive at our shop for your free estimate in order to expedite the process.
Where do I take my vehicle for an insurance inspection?
Your insurance company may request that you to take the vehicle to their drive-in inspection center. However, in most cases, you can drop it off at Kay Parks Autobody and arrange for the insurance agent inspect your vehicle here.
Do you work with most insurance companies?
Yes, we work with all major insurance companies and have developed great working relationships with them.
What if my car is deemed a total loss?
Your insurance company determines if your car is a total loss. We will work with you and your insurance company through the process.
Do I need to get multiple repair estimates?
No. You have the right to have your vehicle repaired at the shop of your choice.
Is your paint shop environmentally friendly?
We are an EnviroStars 5 Star certified shop and have been approved by the Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Board. We were also the recipient of the First Annual Tahoma Environmental Award.
Can you help me with a rental car?
Yes, we will help you get set up with a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Do you offer towing?
No, but we are able to coordinate towing for you in order to have your vehicle brought to our shop.
Do you clean my vehicle after repairs are complete?
Yes! With your vehicle’s repair comes a thorough cleaning both inside and out.